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Shipping Container Sizes & Dimensions

At a glance, shipping container sizes and dimensions can seem quite confusing. However, determining what shipping container sizes and dimensions will suit your transportation or storage needs is actually easier than you might think.

10′ External3.10 m (10′)2.44 m (8′)2.59 m (8′ 6”)
10′ Internal2.98 m2.35 m2.38 m
20′ External6.05 m (20′)2.44 m (8′)2.59 m (8′ 6”)
20′ Internal5.90 m2.35 m2.38 m
40′ External12.19 m (40′)2.44 m (8′)2.59 m (8′ 6”)
40′ Internal12.01 m2.35 m2.38 m

Standard Shipping Container Sizes

We have the largest range of sizes to suit any storage solution:

The internal size of your container will help you determine if your goods will fit in the container, while the external size is important for the location or surrounding area your container will be placed. With the outside area a few more things should be considered, like will the box be able to conveniently be picked up or moved around if needed? This means you’ll need to ensure there is ample space above and around the container.

How are External and Internal Shipping Container Measurements Determined?

The external length should be measured from the farthest point along the longest side of the container.

The external width should be measured from the narrowest side (unless the container has been modified).

You can then measure the external height from the bottom of the frame to the top of the frame

To determine the internal measurements of a shipping container, and how much you can store or transport in it, the same steps can be taken as above, except from the inside of the container.

Our experienced team at U Move Australia have been assisting West Australian residents and companies with their sea container needs for over 20 years. Whether you require one container for short term hire or to buy a fleet of containers for your company, we will provide you with the right advice regarding the shipping container size and dimension for your specific needs.

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