20ft Shipping Containers

U-Move’s 20ft (6.1m) containers are one of our best selling shipping containers.

The 20ft shipping containers are our most versatile vessels, to be used in a myriad of ways, including:

storage solution, temporary business premises or even accommodation these units are both spacious and extremely tough. The 20ft container is a standard for international shipping and is certified for use for 5 years from the date of manufacture prior to requiring re-certification. Brand new these containers are ‘food grade’ meaning they suitable for both the transport and storage of a variety of sensitive cargo. Our 20ft units are also ideal for storing personal items, machinery, tools, household effects, document archive, man cave, garage‚Ķ

All Gateway containers are built to industry leading specifications and are backed up by our comprehensive no nonsense guarantee.


  • High strength, long lasting corrosion resistant steel construction
  • Quality hinges and finishes extend lifespan
  • Weather resistant – suitable for harsh Australian conditions
  • Easy to use security features
  • Gateway Guarantee


20 ft shipping container External:

6.05m Length // 2.44m Width // 2.59m Height

20ft Shipping container Internal:

5.90m Length // 2.35m Width // 2.38m Height


Container Elements

Our range of premium 20ft shipping containers don’t just meet the necessary industry requirements, they’re built to last using superior construction and welding methods with anti-corrosion steel, high standard hinge design allowing the container units to last longer than many counterparts.

The 20ft shipping containers are made to last the harsh Australian climate, with easy to use security features. It’s a no-brainer!

The U-Move Standard

The internal size of your container will help you determine if your goods will fit in the container, while the external size is important for the location or surrounding area your container will be placed. With the outside area a few more things should be considered, like will the box be able to conveniently be picked up or moved around if needed? This means you’ll need to ensure there is ample space above and around the container.

How We Determine Container Sizes

The external length should be measured from the farthest point along the longest side of the container. The external width should be measured from the narrowest side (unless the container has been modified).

You can then measure the external height from the bottom of the frame to the top of the frame.

To determine the internal measurements of a shipping container, and how much you can store or transport in it, the same steps can be taken as above, except from the inside of the container.

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