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Moving Interstate From Perth

Moving interstate from Perth is a mammoth task. Moving from Perth to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, or Brisbane is a long haul, which means it can be costly.

Distance alone means moving your household furniture and contents interstate needs to be done right, as the more containers you require, the more you will pay.

Furniture is a huge one; more often than not, people spend a small fortune on their forever furniture and white goods. Resale value drops considerably, and purchasing again is a great expense – hence why so many people choose to take it with them, despite the removal costs.

The other consideration with packing is ensuring that the internal storage space available is being fully utilised, with no gaps.

Your furniture and white goods need to be:

  • Securely packed
  • Protected from weather, wind, and dust
  • Locked safely to prevent theft
  • Transported with care
  • Properly wrapped

Moving Furniture From Perth

Moving your furniture when relocating from Perth to the Eastern States doesn’t need to be as costly as you would imagine.

Again, consider the space you have available and think about how you can pile items on top or even inside of each other to save on space.

For example, say you are taking a special family dining table with you to Sydney. Firstly, ample protection for your table is vital. Wrap your table in blankets, sheets, and towels and make sure every surface is covered.

Consider the space available under the table for boxes. Using a sea container to ship your goods as opposed to a traditional furniture removalist can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars. It’s not just that table you will need; it’s your fridge, washing machine and possibly your dryer. Melbourne isn’t sunny like Perth!

What’s next on the packing list?

Packing Your Contents

Once you have decided what white goods and furniture will move with you, it’s time to pack your contents.

You’ll need:

  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Paper & rags
  • Spare cardboard to reinforce boxes.
  • Ziplock bags for small bits, liquids, and toiletries
  • Black markers

Before you even begin to think about packing, you need to PURGE! Yes, we said it, purge. Go forth and purge each item, room by room, ask yourself:

  • Does it serve your needs?
  • Do you still love it?
  • What purpose does it have?
  • Does it live in your home just because it can?

Still, having trouble? It’s ok, we all have a little hoarder living inside of us. To satisfy this little hoarder, make a:

  • Keep pile
  • Maybe pile
  • Charity/for sale
  • Trash pile

Once everything is in its respective pile, while your little hoarder is looking the other way, move the maybe pile into the charity/for sale pile. Only the keep pile is allowed to be packed!

Have a Garage Sale

When it comes to your ‘for sale’ pile, consider having a garage sale or posting things on Facebook Marketplace. The money you make from items you never knew existed could potentially pay for your move. Even the kids can cash in by selling those toys they never play with. Tell them they can keep the cash they make and watch them move!

Even posting things ‘free’ can save you time and stress.

Giving perfectly good items to charity is another excellent option. It is satisfying to know you’ve helped, and there are loads on local not for profits, which will happily take your donation.

Packing Tips

Now that you have your ‘keep pile’ and you have considered your new space, start packing!

Moving and packing any time is a tedious and stressful process, let alone if you are moving interstate.

Packing to move is one thing, but remember, you also need to unpack! If you know what your new home looks like, or what space is available, before you start packing, consider what you will need for your new home. Label everything! Label label label.

Always remember to pack your important documents where you can easily find them, mark the box clearly, and consider using a hard document storage case.

The cost of moving interstate from Perth with all your contents can be a considerable one, so don’t add to it, by carting ‘stuff’ that doesn’t serve your new life.

  • Think about your new space
  • Remember to pack smart, no gaps
  • Move through each item, one room at a time
  • Create a keep pile, maybe pile, and a charity/for sale pile
  • Only the ‘definitely keep’ pile gets packed
  • Mark your piles before packing
  • As you pack, clearly mark each box
  • Tape/secure your boxes last
  • Try to sell items via a garage sale and Facebook marketplace
  • List things you can’t sell as ‘free’ ‘pickup only’ or take to a charity

Happy moving!

If you’re considering moving interstate, contact the expert team at U-Move Australia. U-Move specialise in relocating people to major interstate cities.

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