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High Cube Containers

U-Move sell, custom modify and hire a range of high cube shipping containers throughout Perth and Western Australia. High cube containers are perfect when extra height for machinery storage, equipment or purpose modified workspace is required, as well as many other commercial applications.

High cube sea containers are 1ft taller than a traditional shipping container, which may not sound like much, but this extra foot provides additional room for bulky items that cannot be dismantled and can also be required due to ceiling space for cooling and insulation purposes.

High-Cube Container Dimensions

High cube containers, are much like traditional shipping container dimensions, the difference is simply height:

  • 40ft length x 8ft wide x 9.6ft tall
  • 20ft length x 8ft wide x 9.6ft tall

It is important to note that when shipping and transport a high cube container, the same weight restrictions apply as a standard container.

High-Cube Container For Sale

U-Move sell a range of second-hand and new high-cube shipping containers, at competitive prices.

We can arrange for delivery to your preferred location. Long to short-term storage of your container is also available at our secure storage facility in greater Perth.

Our commercial and residential clients often purchase or hire high-cube containers for the following uses:

  • Renovating for home contents storage
  • Creating a permanent workspace for their home, work yard or rural property
  • Machinery, car and boat storage
  • To modify for mining companies, bars, restaurants and home living space

High-Cube Storage Container

High cubes make great storage containers, the extra 1ft in height can give you up to 76cbm.

Container storage is a perfect option for those who are working away in the mines, or people moving or travelling overseas for long periods of time. You can have peace of mind knowing your items are fully secured and safe within our Perth storage facility.

High-Cube Shipping Container Modifications

U-Move specialise in high-cube and standard shipping container modifications. Over the past 20 years we have completed a wide range of customised modifications, including:

  • Mine site workshops, dongas, bathroom facilities
  • Offshore workshops and facilities
  • Tiny custom houses
  • Bars or events
  • Dangerous goods modifications
  • Restaurants
  • Granny flats
  • Anything you need customised, U-Move can do it.

High-Cube Container Price

Pricing for high-cube shipping containers will vary, depending on whether you require new, used or modified containers.

For all your high-cube container needs, contact our team at U-Move on (08) 9459 8888 for a quote and experienced advice. We are here to help.

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