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The Shipping Container Quality Grade System: All You Need To Know

September 05, 2018

Every industry worth its weight needs a universal grading system- a system by which, all those near and far, can be guaranteed of a certain product’s quality, no matter what. This is no different within the shipping container industry.

So, whatever you need a shipping container for, understanding the grading system is going be of a great help to you, and will ensure that you get the requisite quality and for the most reasonable price- so that you can fulfill your dream, and still be on a budget!

The shipping container industry has a vast range of second-hand shipping containers for sale. This is great for families and business owners who may have unique and individual storage requirements.

If you’re in the market for a second-hand shipping container, you’ll find out very quickly that there are many on the market. Make sure you ask yourself these three questions before beginning your search;

What Do You Need A Shipping Container For?

Understanding the grading system for shipping containers is essential, and will help greatly in your efforts to find a container that is perfect for your needs and the intended use of the container as well.

The prevailing container grading system works on a graded scale from an A to a C– easy enough, right?

These grades help to ensure your goods aren’t stored in a container that allows exposure to any elements.

The grades below give you an understanding of what the second-hand shipping containers are like in each grade, and give examples of items that can be stored in them.

A Grade

Good quality, clean interior, door seals intact, fully welded, vermin proof, wind and watertight. Container is between 8 – 12 years of age. Suitable for furniture storage, office archives, books and antiques.

B Grade

Average quality, minor surface rust can be present, door seals intact, fully welded, wind and watertight. Container is between 10-14 years of age. Suitable for garden sheds, tools, boxes, motor vehicles and any other items that require secure dry storage.

C Grade

Fair quality, dents and surface rust can be present, container is not wind and watertight. Container is between 10-14 years of age, most suitable for farm stock, tractors, slashers, building materials or car parts, etc.

How Much Space Do You Need?

Among many, many other uses, shipping containers are an excellent semi-portable storage facility. Firstly, you should identify just how much storage space you require to satisfy your needs- answering this question will pretty much answer most of what you will need to know when you actually start looking for a second-hand unit.

10, 20 or 40ft standard (2.7m) or high cube (2.9m) containers are the most common sizes, and will likely suit the vast majority of your storage needs-

Take a look at some of U-Move’s shipping containers sizes here!

What Is Your Budget?

When trying to decide between second-hand shipping containers for sale, your budget will always be a major factor behind your final decision.

Naturally, the lower the quality (or grade) of the shipping container unit, the lower the cost- this is largely due to natural factors- weathered, dented or scratched units, long life cycle or even aesthetic factors such as fading paint can cause a decrease in price of a shipping container unit.

When you begin your search for a second-hand shipping container, pricing will fluctuate depending on size, age, quality etc. so be sure to answer all of these questions before you purchase.

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If you have any questions about second-hand shipping containers, about the container grading system, or if you simply have an enquiry about one of our advertised products, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with the team at U-Move Australia today!