Self Storage Perth

Self Storage Perth

Whether you are looking for long or short-term self storage Perth, U-Move Australia caters for all your storage needs.

U-Move has an all-modern fleet of storage containers which are guaranteed dry and leak-free, and keep out dust and vermin.

Containers are all white or cream in colour to reflect heat and keep them at a much cooler temperature in the summer months.

Storage Container Sizes

6m x 2.5 (32 cubic metres)1-3 bed house (33 cube metre)
6m x 2.5 (37 cubic metres)3-4 bed house (37 cube metre)
12m x 2.5m (76 cubic metres)4 bed plus (76 cube metre)

Domestic Household Goods

Commercial Office Goods

Cars and Boats

Sizes range: 6m x 2.5 (32 cube), 6m x 2.5m (37 cube) and largest 12m x 2.5 (76 cube)

Our secure storage facility ensures your goods are safe and secure whilst in our control.



Dust Proof


Transport and Loading

U-move has specialised truck design to position the container in your premises with ease for loading or unloading yourself at your leisure. If you are not able to pack and unpack the storage container we have professional removalists that are able to come onsite or bring the container on a truck to your premises.

Containers are also able to transport anywhere in Australia or even overseas.

Large and Bulky Goods

We also offer hard stand areas in at our secure storage facility for large machines, vehicles and boats ect. at competitive rates.

Long Term Discounts

U-Move offer long term discounts to customers that wish to leave goods for years or are unsure of the time period. Pre-paid accounts automatically receive discount for long term periods.

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