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Self-Storage: Frequently Asked Questions!

May 27, 2016

What Size / Type Containers do you have?

8’ 10’ 20’ 40’ containers new and used.

Can we choose our own container?

Yes, we recommend that customers come and visit the depot and pick out a container that suits their needs.

Do I need Council permission?

Every council is different and has its own regulations. It is recommended that you give your local council a call before making a purchase or arranging to hire a container.

Do you offer storage for my container?

We offer short and long term storage including hire of one of our containers or your own containers.

How long does it take for delivery?

If we have the container in stock and available we can normally delivery in 2 working days.

Do you drop off and pick up the container?

We can pick up and delivery containers for storage / Hire / Sales using with a 20’ Tilt Tray or a Side loader for our 40’ containers

Do you Deliver to regional Areas?

We can arrange for delivery to most areas depending on requirements and location.

Can I arrange my Own Transport?

You are welcome to arrange your own transport for Sale containers

Do you do Modifications?

We offer a wide range of Modifications to containers based on your requirements.

Does the container just sit on the ground?

The containers can sit directly on the ground; however we recommend that you place containers on a hard even surface or blocks.

How heavy are the containers?

Empty Tare Weight

20FT container 2.25 Ton 2200kg

40FT Container Ton 3950KG

How Secure are the shipping containers?

Shipping containers are very secure. They are a great deterrent as they are difficult to break into. Containers can be locked with padlocks and we can also offer added protection by installing a lock box. Which is a steel box added to the front of the container so you cannot cut the padlocks off with a bolt cutter.

What about condensation in the container?

Most shipping containers come with ventilation vents which is enough as long as there are no wet items stored in the container. Added options are available on request.

How can we pay?

Payment can be made as soon as invoiced vie EFT / Credit Card / Debit Card / Cash / some credit card payments may attract a fee. Note all accounts must be paid prior to release of container or delivery or pick up of Sale container.