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Why Re-Modifying Container Into A Site Office Is A Great Idea

September 20, 2016

Even a construction site needs to have a temporary office set up to see the day-to-day running of the site. A contractor is always changing locations depending on the location of the construction site and he needs to have a place he can plan the construction activities quietly. That is why construction sites are advised to use re-modified containers as site offices. The following reasons explain why shipping containers make the perfect site offices.


Shipping containers are becoming popular by the minute for their versatile nature. They can be easily designed to fit one’s taste. A contractor can modify the container to fit a design that will work best for him. They can also be modified to include air conditioning, insulation, toilets, showers, kitchenettes and so much more if need be. This can come in handy especially if a construction site is located in a remote area with minimum resources.


The main reason why containers are popular is the fact that they are portable. Construction sites are always changing and it can be very hectic to keep changing offices all the time when you move to a new location. Some areas are remote and they do not have resources and this can hinder the operations of a construction site. Turning a container into a site office means that the office can easily be transported to the next construction site with ease. This saves the construction company money that would otherwise be used to hire out temporary office stations.

Strong and durable

Re-Modifying Container Into A Site Office

Containers are made of steel and they are usually corrosion resistant. That means they are able to withstand harsh weather conditions. They offer good security since the steel doors can withstand tremendous external pressure without giving in easily. This ensures that documents are kept safe and no need to worry about carrying around sensitive documentation.

A container is designed with four corner posts with high strengths. These corners are fitted with castings at the top and bottom making the stable. If an office needs extra security, you can easily get special lockbox which is welded on doors and they protect the padlocks from being tampered with.

Use minimal space

Containers come in 20ft or 40ft lengths. This space is usually enough for an office setting. In the event that more space is required, containers can be stacked to provide for more room. They can also be placed side by side depending on how you need the offices to appear. They also have an advantage in the fact they can be placed in any position in the site where it is convenient. This is not possible with any other office facility.

Cheap compared to buying or leasing

It is cheaper to buy a container and have it customized according to the company needs. The expense one has to incur is the transportation charges. When you compare the cost of leasing an office for a period of time and having your own container office, you get to save a lot in the long run.