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Packing Your Home For Long Term Storage

September 21, 2020

People pack the contents of their home to place in long-term storage for many reasons. Maybe they are renovating or taking a contract for work overseas.

Whatever the reason, packing anything to be stored for a long period requires some thought. It’s not just about where to store your household contents, but how.

Shipping container storage is a great option for long-term storage offering a range of benefits, including:

  • Watertight
  • Dust-proof
  • Vermin and pest-free
  • Lockable
  • Internal anchorage points for secure storage

How to pack and store furniture and household items for long-term storage

So, how do you pack and store furniture and household items for long-term storage? Firstly you need to cull your items; anything that you don’t want needs to be gone. Consider a garage sale or donating unwanted items to charity.

Boxes need to be clearly marked and packed properly. Use paper, foam, and bubble wrap for protection. Furniture also needs to be wrapped.

Some major factors to be considered when packing your items for long-term storage include:

  • The dimensions and internal space available for storage.
  • Moisture – Unlike a shipping container, moisture can come from the floor of your storage space, depending on its quality. Moisture from damp air can cause boxes and wood to rot.
  • Security – your contents need to be safe from theft and tampering.
  • Vermin and insects – things like silverfish, moths, mice, and roaches. Sea containers are dust and pest-free.

Packing tips for long term storage

What are the best hints and tips when packing for long-term storage? Well, here are some of our best tips!

  • Use old sheets, plastic tarps, and blankets to protect furniture from dust, moisture, and scratching.
  • If your furniture is wooden, try to use sheets and blankets, plastic can cause the wood to sweat, causing mould, wood rot, and warping.
  • Avoid using plastic bags, this may seem convenient for clothing, but plastic bags create moisture, they break down easily.
  • If using a storage unit/garage, pack onto pallets. – keeping your boxes off the ground and allowing air underneath to help prevent moisture.
  • Try to use sealed strong boxes. Large strong storage tubs from places like Bunnings are another great option.
  • Wipe down the interiors of appliances with baking soda or bleach. (make sure they are clean and very dry).
  • Seal clothing and fabric well. Place mothballs and sheets inside to help deter unwanted guests.
  • Don’t pack items in plastic bags.
  • Use paper and bubble wrap for fragile items.
  • Seal paper items like books or important documents in hard sealed containers to protect from moisture and bugs.
  • Reinforce your boxes.

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