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How Can Shipping Containers be Modified to Suit Your Needs?

June 22, 2017

Are you after a custom-built shipping container in Perth with container modifications that will ensure all of your personal or professional needs are met?

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Well, you’re in luck! Here at U-Move, we don’t just specialise in container sales in Perth, we can also modify your container, transforming it from an empty storage space into a functional workspace.

What Can Shipping Containers be Used for (Apart From Storage)?

You might be surprised to learn that it’s actually very common for businesses to order custom-made shipping containers with a host of modifications. Our custom shipping containers are particularly popular among professionals within the mining and oil and gas industries, with containers being modified to serve as everything from an office to toilets.

Some examples of how you can modify a shipping container include:

Site Offices

Shipping containers are perfect for creating a makeshift office on construction sites or outdoor workspaces. Your portable site office can be equipped with everything you would have in a normal office space, including your electrical equipment, shelving, desks and chairs.

Lab Facilities and Switch Rooms

We get a lot of requests for these type of facilities to be housed in our shipping containers from the mining and oil and gas industry, as these work sites are usually located in remote locations where there isn’t any access to any permanent infrastructure.


Perfect for both personal and business-related workshops, a shipping container can be modified to suit everyday handymen or tradies that do a little extra work from home. They can also be modified to suit larger production facilities, be it for the manufacture of fencing, decking, food and beverage products, or anything in between.

Pop-Up Shops or Mobile Kitchens

Taking the concept of a food van to a whole new level, shipping containers can be used to create small takeaway shops, coffee shops, or even as portable hair salons at markets or home-based hair and beauty parlours.

Home Extensions

Traditional home extensions can be pricey, but a shipping container is a trendy, yet affordable alternative. Add an outdoor room, reading room or even an office – the options are endless!


Ideal for outdoor venues or at external worksites, a toilet/bathroom in a shipping container is much nicer than your standard portable loo!

What are the Benefits of Modifying a Shipping Container?

Modified shipping containers are an affordable solution for your business or personal infrastructure needs – they’re also an incredibly trendy design choice!

Shipping containers are portable, easy to adapt, and versatile, making them a clever and efficient solution for a range of needs.

To learn more about how our custom built shipping containers can be used, and how our modification process works, contact U-Move today!