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4 of the Weirdest Things Found in Self-Storage Containers

April 28, 2017

Have you ever wondered what people keep hidden away in their self-storage units?

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If you’ve seen a lot of horror films gruesome images of mutilated body parts might come to mind, while others might conger images of expensive cars and illustrious, high-value items.

Even though a lot of storage units are simply filled with furniture, old cars, and what most people would regard as ‘general junk’, every now and again the mysterious contents of a self storage unit is revealed, much to the delight of busy bodies everywhere!

Some items are extraordinary, while others will make your skin crawl. Here are four of the strangest items that have been discovered in self-storage units.

The First Superman Comic

In 1995 Nicholas Cage, who is a big comic book fan, purchased the first ever Superman comic, Action Comics No. 1, which is valued at US $1 million. A mere five years later the coveted comic disappeared, never to be heard of again. Or at least he thought…

In 2011, collectibles expert, Mark Balelo was contacted about the elusive comic. When he queried the whereabouts of the comic that had been missing for 11 years, he discovered that a man had purchased the contents of a storage locker in the San Fernando Valley, where the stolen comic had been stored. Cage called the comic’s resurfacing an act of ‚Äúdivine providence.‚Äù

A Live Hand Grenade

Talk about an explosive discovery…

Over in the states it’s perfectly normal for people to store guns and ammunitions in self-storage containers, however, a man in Michigan found something a little more explosive when he opened up an unclaimed unit.

After finding the live hand grenade he called the bomb squad, who thankfully were able to detonate the grenade before anyone got hurt.

Some of Burt Reynolds’ Weird and Wacky Belongings

Over the actor’s Hollywood tenure, the star acquired a number of memorabilia and artefacts that he often put in storage. After he defaulted on his payments in 1999, the contents of his unit were put up for auction.

Burt Reynolds’ memorabilia was purchased by a group of friends who later opened the Burt Reynolds and Friends Museum. Some of the items on show include Reynolds’ honorary sheriff’s badges, a horse carriage built by Dolly Parton and a framed letter from Burt’s doctor about his spleen surgery that took place in 1955.

A Rocket

What lies behind door number one at a storage locker auction? We bet you didn’t think it would a NASA countdown clock and rocket!

Allen Haff and Clinton Jones from Spike TV’s Auction Hunters in the US famously bid on the contents of a storage locker in Miami and were thrilled when their treasure was unveiled. The pair had a space memorabilia expert authenticate the items and surprisingly, NASA never asked for their rocket back.

These unusual discoveries are certainly proof that not every self-storage unit is filled with mundane possessions. Have you ever heard of something bizarre being found in a storage container?

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